[sdiy] Tom Gamble? (EFM)

Matthias Herrmann matthias.herrmann at fonik.de
Wed May 30 21:57:53 CEST 2018

The last thing I heard was that he had to fight cancer. At some point I ried to
contact him once more, I even sent a letter via snail mail, alas, return to
sender, no Tom Gamble at this address anymore. I fear we lost him.

And yes, when I started Synth-DIY in 2005 I built quite a few ele4music PCBs,
just because they were cheap. His simplified designs dod not work that well all
the timeand there have been quite a few errors in the documentation and onthe
PCBs, however, due to the kind help via the ols ele4music forum I learned a lot.
Lind people like Harry Bissell or Yves Usson did not mind to help out.


PS today I host quite a few old EFM-file along with excerpts from the old forum
on my site:

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> Speaking of history,, does anyone know what happened to Tom Gamble of EFM
> (Electronics For Musicians ) fame? Some time ago I heard that he was ill
> but nothing since.
> Terry Bowman, KA4HJH
> "The Mac Doctor"

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