[sdiy] Mute solution?

Roman modular at go2.pl
Thu May 24 20:47:23 CEST 2018

Any of circuits described here didn't work?   sound.whsites.net sound.whsites.net   Maybe you control it with too fast envelope. Filter down the control below 100Hz and it should not click.  How about detecting zero-zrossing and shutting down the audio with clamping MOSFET or whatever when signal is no more than 1mV away from GND? No clicking.   Roman  Dnia 24 maja 2018 17:46 Tim Ressel <  timr at circuitabbey.com > napisał(a):  Hi all,   A while back I had asked about clickless mutes and got some good ideas  but could not get anything to work. I am leaning towards using a digital  pot as an attenuator. This may seem a bit overkill but it will get  things moving. The DS1882 is a dual log dig pot that is unique in that  it will handle bipolar audio up to +/- 7 volts. Since my design already  has a small processor, it is no problemo to controls these.   --  --Tim Ressel  Circuit Abbey   timr at circuitabbey.com   ______________________________  Synth-diy mailing list   Synth-diy at synth-diy.org  synth-diy.org synth-diy.org
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