[sdiy] TI 76477 Space Invaders sound chip detailed analysis

Matthias Herrmann matthias.herrmann at fonik.de
Wed May 23 19:21:59 CEST 2018

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> So I remember first being exposed to the SN76477 via Omni Magazine in 

> what must have been sometime from about 1978-1980. We are offering a 

> $25 store gift certificate to the first person to send us the article 

> (or a link to

> it)-- i vaguely remember breadboarding a simple circuit with the 

> SN76477 on Radio Shack breadboard...


> Anyway, other than the Thomas Henry SN Voice and Supercontroller, I 

> haven't seen many (or any) modular synth designs that use the chip... 

> wondering why?


This chip was not meant to be used for synth-applications. I guess this was one of the reasons Thomas did just this, as he did with other ICs as well.


Is there anything more than the SN Voice and the Supercontroller that you needed/wanted? Looking at the features it is hard to believe one could make much more out of it (but then: this might be the exact reason for a design contest).









> They're still plentiful and relatively cheap given the range of 

> capabilities... maybe we'll sponsor a module design contest around the

> SN76477 to see what emerges...

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