[sdiy] pcb artwork to gerber

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There has been a simple PCB editor back in the 80ies that was named “PCB Artwork“… 😊
You had to route your tracks on your own via keyboard or simple mouse movements but it printed
The layout nicely on graphic matrix  printers like Epson that were common that time.
The other option was HPGL export (that could be converted to every laser printer via nice tools that came up years later).

Splash screen:


both found in this forum entry:


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What do you mean by "artwork"?
I use kicad for designing pcb's, but I don't know what "artwork" is supposed to be, and in what file format, etc.
Oops, forgot to press "reply list" first time round
On 05/14/2018 11:11 AM, geoff james wrote:

Hi i'm a newbie to pcb DIY.

The only thing i know is i dont want anything to do with chemicals or transfers etc.

I have the pcb artwork  , and the board sizes.

The artwork will need some mods to allow for new component profiles---pots , and will need scaling.

Can anyone suggest a program thats newbie friendly-----this is a hobbie and more than likely

 a one off.



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