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Fri May 11 23:32:07 CEST 2018

Rigol DS1000Z series vs old 1052E:

It's not just cuter, the bigger screen has a much higher resolution and, 
low and behold, can actually display information on that thing ;-) In 
fact, a lot of information.
You can also show waveform + FFT at the same time *and* actually 
recognize something (as an example)
It also has intensity grading, the DS1xxxZ not as fine a resolution as 
the 2000 series, but it's already nice.
(it simulates behavior of the phosphor of analog scopes, in that more 
frequently hit  parts of the screen will be brigher, which will bring 
funyn behaviors of your signal to your attention which might otherwise 
elude you)

You ca also store captured waveforms by points instead of by image, i.e. 
much more usable for post processing. I have not really further looked 
into whether there are tools meanwhle to read those files other then 
direct import in their software, though. Apparently you can communicate 
with the scope and ask it for data, not tried out yet. i thik the older 
Rigol could partially do this also.

Siglent supposedly also improved the quality of their gear, maybe their 
current models is more to your linking, I'd look at the eevblog teardown 
threads if they exist for that, though, to get some idea if tghere are 
problems, I don't know.
Siglent SDS1104X-E would be the contender to Rigol's DS1104Z, I believe.

Ah, looky there:

The user named "rf-loop" seems to strongly prefer the Siglent, and gives 
reasons for it.
But it's (was) also more expensive.

- Steve

Am 11.05.2018 um 20:42 schrieb MTG:
> I have seen that their newer models are much cuter (bigger screens) if 
> nothing else. I would want the 100MHz bandwidth though.  I guess my 
> biggest grips is that there is only 1 set of vertical controls, so 
> lots of button pushing required to change the scale on 2 channels. I'm 
> often pressing buttons to activate the thing I wish there was a 
> dedicated control for. I should mention I got rid of my Blofeld for 
> similar reasons.
> On 5/10/2018 3:05 AM, sleepy_dog at gmx.de wrote:
>> The Rigol DS1102E was their first one to make noise in the western 
>> market.
>> It is a completely different design from their current lines, even 
>> the cheaper DS1xxxZ ones.
>> Can still be bought, for a not much lower price to the DS1??5?Z, the 
>> latter of which has only 50 MHz specs but is better by leaps and bounds.
>> So it may be confusing, but that old thing is much, much worse in all 
>> sorts of regards than their current lines - there is zero reson to 
>> buy it, not even the price.
>> That old DS1102E has problems like it easily tricks you with aliasing 
>> if you don't know about it. I don't know about its user interface.
>> MTG wrote:
>>> Rigol DS1102E - It needs to be hotrodded and Sigrok-ed by the sound 
>>> of it. And for the record I don't love it. But maybe after the 
>>> "updates" if I find the time to figure that all out.
>>> Fluke 77 DMM - Had it forever, change the batteries a couple times a 
>>> decade maybe.  Will outlast me I'm sure.
>>> Loftech TS-1 Sine Wave Generator and freq counter/dB meter. Came 
>>> with schematics so I added a TTL squarewave out to it.
>>> Mastech CSIMS8040 4.5-Digit True-RMS Autoranging Bench Digital 
>>> Multimeter - Cheap and I can check the temperature of my kitchen 
>>> oven with it. ;-)  Actually I haven't used it yet.
>>> memSIM2 EPROM Emulator because where can you find such a thing for 
>>> USB, isolated, and under $100 USD new?  Poland, that's where.  Oh, 
>>> and eBay. Haven't used that yet either.
>>> Some old Radio Shack stuff like SPL meters, logic probe, analog DVM.
>>> And more stuff at work that I can borrow if needed, like Tek scopes 
>>> and an Intronix Logic Port.
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