[sdiy] What test gear do you use?

Phillip Gallo philgallo at gmail.com
Thu May 10 18:44:11 CEST 2018

BK 1660 Triple P/S,
(most important piece of gear in the shop).
Simpson 260 VOM,
(most popular with visitors to my shop).
(most trusted 'scope)!

(most versatile scope its VGA/LAN/USB I/O ties benches/systems together
Fluke's Scopemeter97,
(is it a meter ? is it a scope ? Weird .. a tad bulky .. but a lot of
measurement & portable).
BK 2120B,
(TV service guy scope. Great view port into analog synth tech).
(Pocketsize show & tell display).

Wavetek & 2 Radio Shack True RMS Meters,
Shelves and drawers of New and Ancient programmers and probes (Might need
to program a '2708 someday).

An Audio Precision will be nice.
'Til then, i use RMAA Pro and PC audio interfaces.

Ever tried C. Zeitnitz's Soundcard Scope?

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