[sdiy] What test gear do you use?

S Ridley spridley1 at gmail.com
Tue May 8 00:15:39 CEST 2018

At work
- Rohde & Schwarz HMO & various Tek scopes
- Fluke 79 DMM - rock solid
- RSP2Pro spectrum processor
- Audio Precision ATS2 & Lindos LA100 audio test sets
- Peak component analysers - passive component tester is also brilliant for
finding cable faults
- Dick Smith ESR meter - checks caps in circuit - saved man/weeks of work
etc etc

- Tek 465 scope
- Fluke 78 DMM
- Cheap Chinese component analyser & DDS signal generator
- BBC EP14/1 Audio test set
- Dawe 3000AR frequency counter (*the* one off the Dalaware)

On a tray in front of TV
- DSO112 - small, touch screen, 2MHz, (but the croc clips are hilariously
bad - swap them onto something a colleague you don't like uses)
- inexpensive DMM
- Hobby Components logic analyser - works with Sigrok - does I2C, SPI,
midi, DMX etc

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