[sdiy] What test gear do you use?

Jay Schwichtenberg jschwich53 at comcast.net
Mon May 7 21:41:50 CEST 2018

For me:


Leader 100MHz 2 channel analog scope.

10 MHz 2 channel 4550 Heathkit scope analog scope. Yes I built it.

16 channel Saleae logic analyzer. I do a lot of embedded/bare metal stuff so
this comes in handy.

Fluke 87V DVM

Fluke 77 DVM

Bunch of cheap DVMs.

Homemade bench supply.


I have thousands of hours on Tek DPO/MSO/MDO 2K/3K/4K scopes and would like
to get one. They're outside my budget so I'll get a Rigol at some point.


Jay S.

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