[sdiy] distortion pedal for a modular system

stepan kayukov stepan.kayukov at gmail.com
Tue May 1 01:51:06 CEST 2018

hello -

i am new to "synths", i have mainly built guitar pedals in the past. i am
currently learning EAGLE, so please excuse my drawing.

my goal is to bring a distortion pedal design into a +/- 12v system.
i executed the attached design, but it is extremely noisy and i hear a
great deal of bleedthrough, even though i have added many bypass
it is a "fuzz face" pedal going to a buffer, then going to a coupled
inverting amplifier.  the input signal enters the collector of the first
transistor after being put through a resistor divider, from 12v to 2v, and
then passes through another coupling capacitor.
i also attempted to use a JFET around R7/C1, as a means of getting "CV" for
the distortion control.  this could be improved also probably.


can anyone help me understand how to isolate this circuit from the rest of
my synths?

thank you,
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