[sdiy] Latvian CEM Synth IC clones

Mattias Rickardsson mr at analogue.org
Mon Mar 19 15:10:02 CET 2018

On 14 March 2018 at 11:50, mark verbos <markverbos at gmail.com> wrote:

> Sorry if this is a stupid question, but when does it start to be an issue
> that the parts are too small. I mean in terms of current capacity and such.

One problem resulting from the tinyfication of everything is that the
temperature gets higher when many ICs are packed into a small PCB area. My
VCAs are running at over 50 degrees C here on the bench. The op-amps are
approaching 60 degrees. When something reaches 180 degrees, we have an
uncool audio fatality. ;-)

I use 0603 resistors and they are only 100mW at some point it starts to be
> an issue for analog circuits, right? Not that I really want to use 01005
> passives anyway, but my pick ’n' place is supposed to be able to. They look
> like salt and pepper.

Surface-mount resistors with larger physical size typically have a bit
lower excess noise and distortion. Size matters also among capacitors to
some degrees. For some designs this can be important.

The ability to probe your ICs without shorting things is a good goal. With
quad op-amps (outputs on the corner pins) TTSOP is fine, but otherwise I
prefer the huge SOIC to reduce the risks.

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