[sdiy] Latvian CEM Synth IC clones

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Tue Mar 13 10:11:08 CET 2018

I think you mean 3360 VCA and not 3310 ADSR?
Sure you can use both if you add simple resistive mixer between expo 
input and log converter output to alow for direct external input. Also 
the expo input needs to be biased to the voltage of internal reference, 
about 1.8V, so yes, with some little effort this is doable.
And you can use 2nd VCA in the package to achieve CV control of main VCA 


W dniu 2018-03-12 o 21:36, Mike Beauchamp pisze:
>> I did not get a chance to evaluate all the ics yet. The one I did 
>> order behaved per the data sheet and exhibited no weirdness (AS3310).
> I see on the AS3310 there is a linear and exponential CV input. Does 
> that mean you can use both at the same time, sending a portion of the 
> control signal to each - to achieve a CV response variable between 
> linear and exponential?
> Mike
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