[sdiy] Fwd: Jupiter 8 pitch bend board issue

John Henson synthnerd at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 00:40:07 CET 2018

Hi Massimo,
I think the issue you are having is that the Bender pot is not centred 
properly, at the sprung centre point, the wiper of the pot should be 
very close to a short to the grounding contact on the other side of the 
pot. The wiper is intended to be grounded at the PB centre point. If you 
take the Bender off the panel, and loosen the locking grub screw for the 
pot, you can adjust the pot while the sprung centre is still working, 
until you get the wiper and centre tap close to zero resistance, 50 Ohm 
resistance is fine, the trimmers can adjust for that. When you have 
that, tighten up the bender lever's grub screw and check the assembly 
for functionality before putting it all back together.
Hope this helps,


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