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Tue Mar 6 06:09:04 CET 2018

How about selecting a dual gang pot, but only use one of the two elements?

On Mon, Mar 5, 2018 at 10:38 PM, David Moylan <dave at westphila.net> wrote:

> Hey all.  I'm looking for a potentiometer that's on the stiff side.  I'm
> trying to use it with a large knob, which becomes too easy to turn with the
> increased torque of a large knob.
> Current version is a TT P09x series with rated torque of .5 - 1.25
> oz-inch.  And a lot of others I'm searching for list "10 to 100 g-cm",
> which isn't very exact.
> Real life experience might be the best guide here, so looking for
> suggestions.
> Thanks.
> Dave
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