[sdiy] History of SDIY?

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I guess I'd might say Ray Wilson for the current generation. But for me I'd
go with John Simonton which probably got a lot of people interested in SDIY
that have contributed to SDIY to get it to where it is today. I never built
a Gnome but I started out with the 4700 kit and built a number of other PAiA
kits and never had any issues with them (well other than the crappy power
supply in the 4700). But then too I could read schematics and use a meter.

Currently I only have a Blacet Frac system that I built from kits. I can't
say enough good stuff about John's kits. Well designed and the documentation
is pretty good. You aren't going to get detailed build instructions (like
install resistor X here, more like install resistors) but if you're patient
(like read the instructions before construction and get a plan going) and
have decent tools they're no problem.

Like or don't like what I say below. It's my opinion, don't need to start a
flame war over it. And this is the main reason I'm not really interested in
SDIY history.

As far as DIY PCBs and kits go now days I think most suck. I'm going to be
building some Euro stuff and I'm dreading that. Most people that turn out
that stuff don't have a clue on how to do an electronics project. After
spending a day working with electronics and software problems (I'm an
embedded/bare metal HW/SW engineer by day) I just want to come home and
build stuff and make sounds. I don't want to deal with poor schematics (if
you get them), screwed up BOMs and crappy circuit boards. At least the
documentation part of this you don't need to be an engineer. All you have to
do is pay attention to details and go over things until they are complete.
Design and PCB layout it wouldn't hurt to have an engineering background but
here educating yourself, being thorough and paying attention to details will
get the job done.

Enough said, I can rant on this for quite a while.

Happy noise making.
Jay S.

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I would say that, for the current generation of synth DIYers, Ray Wilson is
infinitely more important than John Simonton.

When I was 12 (back in 1977), a neighbor kid bought a PAiA Gnome kit, and we
tried to put it together.  My dad was a ham radio guy, so he had some
electronics gear in our basement, and I had made some simple crystal radios
and such.  I remember the documentation for the kit being almost impossible
to follow.  Specifically, I remember there being something about all the
transistors being oriented the wrong way in the schematic.  Long story
short, we never did get that Gnome kit to work, and I gave up on synth DIY
(even though I was obsessed with synthesizers).

Fast forward to 2008, when I discovered Music From Outer Space on the
internet.  Decent circuits, great explanations, and before long I was making
my own gizmos in my garage.  A couple of years later I was designing synth
modules professionally.  It's all because of the excellent start I got from
Ray Wilson (RIP).

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> > I'll add Yves Usson, Ray Wilson and Ken Stone!
> They're the New Wave Upstarts, surely? :-D
> Have we had Tom Gambles yet?  He's maybe a little more 
> oldschool than them.
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