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David G Dixon dixon at mail.ubc.ca
Mon Jun 25 08:58:31 CEST 2018

We think similarly, Pete (and Tony).  The thing is, the requirement for the
second board is just a linearized pair with a single opamp, and it was quite
easy to include this on the first board, but I also don't feel right about
splitting up a circuit across two boards.  Also, it makes the wiring a
little bit strange.
However, I think that I have found a different solution.  When Danjel and I
were developing the Rubicon 2, we had a small problem in that the Warp
circuit naturally creates waveforms with pretty big amplitudes (up to
20Vpp).  One of the fellows who works at Intellijel thought that this might
wreak havoc with some people's DAWs and stuff, so we decided to add some
sort of limiter.  I came up with (what I thought was) a pretty elegant
solution in which the Warp CV controls a linearized 2164 VCA to limit the
waveform to 10Vpp no matter what.  I tested it and it worked perfectly.
However, Danjel thought that it sounded boring, so he suggested a simple
wavefolder for limiting the amplitude, and this sounded much more
interesting -- thus, the Squish circuit was born.
However, I now realize that I can put both circuits on my handmade version,
and select them with a three-way switch (which won't make the panel any more
complex).  Some folks might like the idea of limiting the Warp output but
not coloring it with a wavefolder.  In this way, I will be using the entire
fourth 2164 chip on the second board, and only wasting half of the third
chip on the first board.  I can live with that.  (I will also probably put
the Squish intensity trimmer on the panel as a small pot, since this is
something I quite like to be able to control.)
And, who knows, I might come up with another use for that spare linearized
Anyway, thanks for the input.

It's not like the 2164 is hard to find these days, I would put the extra
chip on the other board.

Could just be due to superstition about splitting something like a
waveshaper across two boards :) 


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