[sdiy] Comparing two compiled hex files

Justin Owen juzowen at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 10:40:56 CEST 2018

Hello - I hope this isn’t too OT...

I’ve recently set up a gitlab repo to give a few different devs access to
code assets. I’m not a coder - so this is all still new to me.

I thought a good proof of concept that the new, cloned repos on other devs
machines were working as expected would be for them to compile/build a hex
file from existing code and for me to compare their file against the
‘master’ production file using an online utility e.g.

One of the compiled files comes up as a match using this method - but the
file I’ve built doesn’t. However, the file I’ve built uploads to a test
device in a couple of ways and seems to work just fine.

So now I’m trying to troubleshoot this.

Is my theory flawed? Is it possible that hex files from the same code built
on different machines/OS/other variables will work but won’t be an exact
file <-> file match?

Is there a reasonably simple way of isolating what the differences are -
currently I just have big chunks of hex and I have no way of knowing if
these are serious differences or something negligible.


/ Justin
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