[sdiy] Metal enclosures - DIY'ing ?

Neil Johnson neil.johnson71 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 10:18:49 CEST 2018

Roman wrote:
> After that experience I mill 4mm wide groove 1mm deep and it bends a whole
> lot easier and also gives very nice edge. Not to mention the location of the
> edge is determined by milling and not accidental placement of the sheet in
> the bender.

I did that once on a panel sent to Schaeffer to engrave (lots of
shallow slots along the bend lines with no infill).  Shortly after
sending the order I got a phone call from a rather distraught young
lady who was concerned that I hadn't specified the colour of the paint
infill.  Took me a while to convince her that, yes, really, I did want
those lines WITHOUT infill, and yes, yes, I do understand I won't see
them very well, yes, really, no it's ok, that's what I want, really,
yes, .... etc.

Eventually she accepted my explanations and the panel arrived and folded nicely.


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