[sdiy] Filter problems

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Look at the Shruti state variable filter schematic. It's pretty much the
same circuit.

1) 3.6V zeners are used in Shruti verses 3.9V, not a problem.
2) Your R11 is 33K, Shurti it's 15K.
3) The BP out in the Shruti filter is feed back into the input (your U2B)
with a 330K resistor.

Have you put a meter/scope on FC to see what it is doing?

Jay S.

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Filters can be a pain. I've got one that is misbehaving. Here is a link 
to the schematic:


At low CVs it filters fine, but as the freq cv hits around 2 volts the 
behavior gets odd. I start seeing a rising DC bias on all the outputs. 
At about 3 volts all the outputs rail positive.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks for playing!

--Tim Ressel
Circuit Abbey
timr at circuitabbey.com

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