[sdiy] OT? MIDI to RS232 converter box?

MTG grant at musictechnologiesgroup.com
Mon Jan 22 18:33:49 CET 2018

Just a wordy followup here ... as it turns out I have a combination that 
works just fine!

I have an old Parallax USB-to-Serial converter that uses an FTDI part 
and a Win8 laptop running Tera Term v4.80. Once you get to v4.66 it is 
possible to "set" the baud rate rather than just "pick" from a 
predetermined list.  However, 31.25kbaud is not on the drop-down GUI list.

There may be a way to add it via INI or something more invasive, but I 
went the .TTL macro route instead. I just created a macro called 
SetBaud31250.ttl with this content:

;Change baud rate to 31250
;TeraTerm v4.66 or later
setbaud 31250

I then run that after opening the COM port.  Low and behold I see 
something that looks like 31250 baud on my scope.  I do have a board 
here that will take care of the RS232 level shifting <--> MIDI current 
loop so that will be the litmus test but I'm pretty confident it will 
work.  So much easier than some of the other methods I might have had to 
resort to.  Thanks group!!


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