[sdiy] Pulse 2-Ramp Oscillator

Rob Spencer rob at gmsn.co.uk
Mon Jan 22 16:57:30 CET 2018

Hey guys,


I’m working on a project to convert the Weedwaker Reaktor ensemble to hardware. The core of the oscillator is a Pulse 2-Ramp oscillator which has control over Pulse Width, Up Slope, Down Slope, Frequency (both log and lin) and amplitude.


Does anyone know if such an analogue circuit exists already? I’m guessing it would be some sort of relaxation oscillator which charges a timing cap up to a voltage (amplitude), holds on for a delay, then discharges via a variable resistor.


This might even be more feasible in code, but before I get too deep into reinventing the wheel, just wanted to check if anything like this already exists?


Kind regards


Rob Spencer

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