[sdiy] Erica chips

Jacob Watters jacobwatters at gmail.com
Sun Jan 14 22:57:30 CET 2018

Mine never arrived :/

I think the real trick is in smart ways to control all these chips with
digital processors to provide patch recall and midi control that musicians
now expect in a poly synth. I have some ideas, but haven't had the time (or
chips) to test recently (taking care of new baby).

On Jan 14, 2018 1:52 PM, "Ralph Moonen" <ralph at tink.org> wrote:

Haha, well I just found out about these chips and catching up on mail :-)
Been away for a while so I just saw the messages from november about this.
Could I still get samples?

I would certainly not expect any finished projects, but surely some
fantasising would be possible!


On 14 Jan 2018, at 19:34, Kylee Kennedy <kmkennedy at gmail.com> wrote:

I honestly dont think people have had the time to build a lot with them.
They shipped out before the holidays. I’ve seen VCOs and VCFs built from
the datasheets. If someones building a polysynth from them, by themselves,
it might be six or nine montha from now before they share it.

What are you building from them?


On Sunday, January 14, 2018, Ralph Moonen <ralph at tink.org> wrote:

> Hi,
> So all those who got their Erica chip samples: what have done with it? Do
> they perform as advertised? Are they worth the money?
> Also, as far as I’m aware, these chips are the only realistic way of
> building easy, (sort of) low-cost, HQ, voice cards for a diy poly synth.
> I’d be extremely interested in ideas for some innovative
> architectures. Multitimbral analog anyone? big touchscreen modulation
> matrix UI analog? FM with digital control and PLL feedback control loop?
> 10-note-poly dual VCO voice? Maybe I’m just rambling but some options seem
> to be available that were not before….. let’s hear some ideas :-)
> —Ralph

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