[sdiy] Pink Tunes self-composing program.

MTG grant at musictechnologiesgroup.com
Tue Jan 9 17:17:28 CET 2018

Nit-pick. To save future Googlers if nothing else. Wouldn't you say 
these are simulators?  Or some other term?  For me emulator is short for 
In-Circuit Emulator which is a hardware thing that would plug into a 
6502 socket. Even back when I had a 68xx In-Circuit Emulator, I could 
already buy a DOS based Simulator that would run the instruction set.

And then of course E-mu had to step in and mess things right up.


On 1/8/2018 11:18 PM, Jay Vaughan wrote:
>  >>Pink Tunes and its hardware driver were written in raw 6502 assembly 
> code. Even though there are Java-based web simulators that can execute 
> 6502 code, it would be insane to run Pink Tunes on anything but vintage 
> hardware unless you totally ported the code to a modern language.
> I think the fact of code being written in an 8-bit assembly language is 
> rather moot, these days .. There are some pretty darn fine 6502 
> emulators (*) out there, written in high-power C, which might do the job 
> of resurrecting the value of archaic code-bases quite well - and even 
> probably a dynarec or two could be applied to the issue, were there 
> interest. There just has to be interest and motivation - its certainly 
> not a technical issue.
> j.
> (* - my favourite: https://github.com/pete-gordon/oricutron )

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