[sdiy] Pink Tunes self-composing program.

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Tue Jan 9 09:24:59 CET 2018

Which reminds me, someone made replica of 6502 in hardware using 
discrete transistors few years ago. It was a huge board with lots of 
blinking LEDs on it, about 4000 parts IIRC.


W dniu 2018-01-08 o 22:02, Scott Gravenhorst pisze:
> I had read somewhere that someone did a 6502 emulation in an FPGA which is another way
> to do it.  Probably a downloadable core.  FPGAs weren't very large in those days, so
> I'd bet any newer FPGA including one that is Flash based should be able to do it and
> then run the binary code as-is with no soft emulation needed.

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