[sdiy] 0805 resistors with consistent 3 or 4 digit value markings?

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Mon Jan 8 07:49:23 CET 2018

Although you cannot rely on the Mouser images, as someone else pointed out, I believe that you should be able to rely upon the manufacturer data sheet.

Don’t settle for data sheets from third parties, not even Mouser, and especially not the various generic datasheet web sites. Instead, connect directly to the manufacturer’s web site and download the official, latest data sheet for the specific resistor models that you’re considering.

Near the final pages of the data sheet, around the area where they describe the tape orientations, you should find clear descriptions of the markings for that part. Such things do change over time, but most manufacturers allow you to subscribe to a mailing list for changes to parts, so that you can keep up with the latest data sheet information. These markings are often used for machine reading, so good manufacturers can’t get by with arbitrarily changing or deleting the markings after they’ve documented them.

I’m reasonably confident that if you were to select a component like the Yageo resistors that you already like, confirm the markings in the data sheet, and then only order that specific line of resistors from that manufacturer, then you should be able to rely 100% on the markings that you desire.

Brian Willoughby
Sound Consulting

On Jan 5, 2018, at 10:59 PM, Robin Whittle <rw at firstpr.com.au> wrote:
> Does anyone know of a range of 0805 resistors in which all values are
> consistently marked numerically with their value?  For instance, for
> 560R and 120k:
> 561  124
> would be best.  Alternatively:
> 5601  1203
> I only need the E12 series: 10, 12, 15, 18, 22, 27, 33, 39, 47, 56, 68,
> 75 and 82.  1% or 5% is fine.
> There's a range of 0805 resistors at element14 manufactured by Yageo
> (Phycomp).  For instance the 1% "RC0805FR-07560RL" (9237461).  As best I
> understand the datasheet:
>  http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/2167052.pdf
> these all should be marked with four digits, but the 39k
> (RC0805FR-0739KL = 9237828) is simply black.  Likewise the 220k
> (RC0805FR-07220KL = 9237917). The 390k (RC0805FR-07390KL = 9237941) is
> marked "E06E".
> I had a quick look at Mouser, but there were a plethora of resistor
> types, some quite expensive and many of which were illustrated as not
> being marked.  The illustrations and apparently the data sheets can't be
> trusted anyway.
> A book would be good, but an actual range of resistors I can order on
> tape in any quantity would be best.
> - Robin    Daylesford Victoria Australia

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