[sdiy] 0805 resistors with consistent 3 or 4 digit value markings?

Robin Whittle rw at firstpr.com.au
Sun Jan 7 11:22:10 CET 2018

Hi Mark, Roman and Pete,

Thanks very much for your replies.

There are several lines of Vishay 0805 resistor with "CRCW" in their
part number.  Most of these types either contain lead, or are in some
way exotic such as "pulse proof", "trimmable" etc.  The only series
which is not exotic in some way and which includes 0805 is:

   CRCW...C E3

These available in 1% E24 and E96 ranges or 5% in E24, both in 1R to
10M.  Their part number has 4 characters for the value, and I assume
that 4 characters are marked on the resistors.

The E12 range is a subset of the E24 range, but the E48, E96 and E192
ranges do not include all the values of E12 and E24:


With the element14 selector guide:


I was able to filter by Vishay, 0805, product range = "CRCW series".  88
of these were 5%, with only a subset of the E12 range.  By adding
tolerance = 1% to the filter, 1,495 remained.  Excluding those not
recommended for new designs and filtering on 100ppm/K temperature
coefficient, 1,437 listings remained, many of which were duplicate
entries for the same device, with different MOQs and prices.

I found all the values I need.


On 2018-01-07 12:40 AM, mark verbos wrote:
> Robin,
> I’m not sure about 0805 size, but I use the Vishay CRCW0603 series thick
> film resistors in 0603 and they are all labeled as you desire. I’m
> confident that they’re the same on the 0805. I have also used the 1206
> and they are.
> Mark

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