[sdiy] SSM2164-based VCA circuit

Francesco Fucci fr.fucci at hotmail.it
Fri Jan 5 23:08:41 CET 2018


I started playing a bit with the Irwin/Gallo VCA circuit in LTSpice using a SSM2164 behavioral model.
I have some questions on the correctness of some modifications I applied on the circuit.

I added a pot to crossfade the preprocessed CV signals to obtain a blended linear/exp VCA (also buffering the blended signal).
Is there a better way to blend the two preprocessed CV signals?

I want to add a controllable offset for the input CV like the bias control in the uVCA. I thought to use a non-inverting summing opamp configuration
to add a DC offset to the input CV.
Is it a good way to do it? In the case, do you have some reference or hints to improve this idea?

Thanks for any help,
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