[sdiy] A different kind of polyphonic aftertouch

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Fri Jan 5 09:57:15 CET 2018

That's because crappy keyboard with rubber contacts that fall apart 
after few years of serious playing cost almost nothing. They are so 
simple to make and everyone making synths with them sell milions of gear.
Meanwhile for polyphonic aftertouch you need any kind of linear sensor 
under each key and totally different scanning circuitry.
Decision is made in accounting department.

BTW, AFAIK Vaxmidi keyboard has polyphonic aftertouch. With little DIY 
one can replace shitty Fatar keybed with that one in their synth.


W dniu 2018-01-05 o 00:10, Tom Wiltshire pisze:
> All that said, more sensing and different sensing is all good, so I agree with the thrust of your argument. I’d still like to see a serious return of polyphonic aftertouch - how is it possible that so many years after the CS80 that isn’t a *standard* feature on all synth keybeds?!?
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