[sdiy] Expo in one chip?

Neil Johnson neil.johnson71 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 3 11:51:37 CET 2018


KD KD wrote:
> Was hoping for things like PA381CEM3381 etc. Dough knew his stuff.
> Is Alfa, UliB, SSI, Mary CEM only going to burp up the old stuff for only
> buck's sake? No new designs at all? Not even decent modifications of
> old i calmly wonder?

Doug Curtis is dead.  Ron's dead.  These chips were designed by the
old guard, and they're heading to retirement, and universities aren't
teaching the old analogue chip design ways anymore (everyone wants to
design high speed digital silicon or GHz RF).
Uli isn't interested in development, only copying (too costly).  Mary
at CEM is just selling her husband's legacy.  Not sure about Alfa.
SSI is the one place where I hold out hope since they brought together
the old guys and some cash.
But building synths is a tiny market, really tiny.

>>Which version of the datasheet do you have?
> I have rev 2, oct 2017 yet preliminary.

Yes that is a draft/preliminary version.  I believe they will be
releasing an updated version once the chips are ready to ship later
this month.


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