[sdiy] Where to buy ceramic caps

Byron G. Jacquot thescum at surfree.com
Tue Jan 2 20:30:42 CET 2018

>Personally, I find Digikey to be the worse web design ever. It baffles 
> me that online electronics bloggers talk about how “great” Digikey is 
>for finding the parts they need. I guess it’s perhaps all due to a 
>different way of thinking. I’m open-minded enough to conceive that some 
>people think differently than I do when it comes to parts selection. It’s
> certainly something that is complex enough that my associates have asked
> where this sort of thing is taught in the industry.

There's a browser extension that greatly enhances the Digikey search experience.  It's bandwidth intensive, but adds a lot of the search features you'd expect them to have by default.


-Byron Jacquot

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