[sdiy] Keyboards good for scrap / repurposing?

sleepy_dog at gmx.de sleepy_dog at gmx.de
Sat Feb 17 16:28:54 CET 2018

Hey list,

as I saw that Doepfer does not sell the shorter ( < 49 keys ) fatar 
keybeds anymore,
and also, for some builds, I don't require a new keyboard, I was wondering:

Are there some known models of keyboards (MIDI or with sound engine, no 
matter) which would make sense to look for in "broken" condition to get 
them cheap, to use the keys for DIY synths? I.e., they should lend 
themselves well to ripping out the keybed/keys without damaging the 
needed parts. I guess you'd always have to build new switches PCBs, as 
such keyboards would have everything (I dont' need) on one PCB, right? 
(I never opened such a thing)
I am interested in both, quality, and "usable enough to have some fun" 
types for different purposes ;-) And it's not restricted to short 
keybords generally, just right now in particular I'm after a cheap 
37..43 key one.

- Steve

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