[sdiy] Faster LM358 replacement

sleepy_dog at gmx.de sleepy_dog at gmx.de
Sun Feb 25 22:30:47 CET 2018


say, what opamp could I use as a faster replacement for the LM358?
Should be able to work with GND as negative supply and get the output 
(almost) there like the LM358.
Would be nice to have one that also can run up to +15V, but for my 
scenario at hand, 5V supply is enough.
And it would be nice to know one that's also not very expensive. It's 
probably hard to beat lm358 price... but let's not exaggerate ;)

The application is an active filter to treat the DAC output for CV. 
Turns out the LM358 doesn't do such a good job there even at just a few 
kHz, i.e. the response curve starts to become less steep at the higher 
end quickly. (which even LTspice predicts, but I didn't bother to try 
the circuit with a LM358 model until now)

- Steve

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