[sdiy] NE566 Boon

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Sun Feb 25 15:03:42 CET 2018

I vaguely remember, this -- a 10:1 range function generator. Probably
had some and tossed them as more or less useless for EM. But chaos
might be a possibility. Also confused them with the 565 PLL and the
556 dual timer, which is four comparators and two flip-flops in one
package. Might be useful. -------- Original Message ---------- I still
have a few NE566s that I bought at Radio Shack back in the day.
Hmmmm... how about some sort of "chaos" generator with multiple 566s
cross modulating each other? - Oren On 2/24/18 10:41 AM, Tim Ressel
wrote: Hi y'all, I just found half a dozen NE566s in my stash and now
I want to make a module with them. Any ideas?
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