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Dave dlmanley at sonic.net
Sat Feb 24 23:29:38 CET 2018

Back in PAiA/Polyphony magazine days there was an article about a "new" keyboard layout by Mel Sohler.  Here's the patent:


And a pic:


I only scanned your linked article but the idea looks very similar.


On February 19, 2018 3:37:51 AM PST, sleepy_dog at gmx.de wrote:
>Hey all,
>In my quest for old keyboards I accidentally stumbled upon this:
>Interesting. I have thought about that for a long time, but don't know 
>too much about music theory as to come up with an own scheme that makes
>sense, but alternate coloring to orient oneself on a "not chromatic" 
>(hah that sounds contradictory) layout keyboard, that much seemed
>So not only I, someone who occasionally plays things by ear and has not
>pounded scales into his mind, thought something like this could be a 
>good idea.
>It's actually hundreds of years old.
>So one guy mentioned there changed his Kurzweil into a symmetric layout
>by ordering a lot of replacement 'D' keys. But how to get the extra 
>small keys in there, the keybed would not have support for that?
>Anyway, at some point I might further investigate this subject.
>Maybe a few other people also find this interesting.
>(in one youtube thread a self-professed 40-years virtuoso pianist
>see the point of alternate keyboards and "scales are no problem, just 
>practise them". But if you have a mind that sees and strongly dislikes 
>inefficiencies and obviously unnecessary work, it's really tough! Lol.)
>- Steve
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