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Mattias Rickardsson mr at analogue.org
Fri Feb 23 16:36:40 CET 2018

On 23 February 2018 at 15:02, Tom Wiltshire <tom at electricdruid.net> wrote:

> +1 what Olivier said. Inverting op-amp mixer ahead of the CV input to get
> the scaling right and flip the signal so it’s the way up you expect and
> you’re good. The addition of diodes (half-wave precision rectifier) to
> protect against negative voltage on the Ripples schematic is a nice touch
> too.

Wouldn't you want a bit of the positive side of the gain range (negative
side of the CV range) as well though?

The 2164 has a CV range from -0.66 through 0 to +3.3 V, with gains +20 dB
through 0 dB to -100 dB. The "best" performance in regards to both THD and
SNR is around 0 V (0 dB gain).

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