[sdiy] Filter Help

Neil Johnson neil.johnson71 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 23 09:29:19 CET 2018


> I am trying to get a 2164 SVF design to behave. I can't seem to get the
> frequency scaling right. It is very sensitive to CV. I thought you can make
> a volt/oct filter out of it. btw I am going off the Shruti schematic. Anyone
> got some stick time on this puppy?

It would help greatly if you could provide:
1 - link to the Shruthi schematic you are using
2 - link to your schematic (in case you made any transcribing errors)
3 - any test results you have so far.

At the moment all we have is "I built summint and darn it ain't workin'..."

In terms of V/oct scaling, the 2164 responds to -33mV/dB, and one
octave is 6dB, so the control voltage supplied scales at -200mV/oct
(voltage goes down as frequency goes up).


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