[sdiy] Keyboards good for scrap / repurposing?

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Sat Feb 17 16:51:25 CET 2018

for most uses, the effort required to rewire a keyboard to analog seems way
more trouble than it's worth.  cheap midi keyboard + cheap midi-to-CV
converter = more time to spend on the parts that matter sonically. IMO.


On Sat, Feb 17, 2018 at 10:28 AM, <sleepy_dog at gmx.de> wrote:

> Hey list,
> as I saw that Doepfer does not sell the shorter ( < 49 keys ) fatar
> keybeds anymore,
> and also, for some builds, I don't require a new keyboard, I was wondering:
> Are there some known models of keyboards (MIDI or with sound engine, no
> matter) which would make sense to look for in "broken" condition to get
> them cheap, to use the keys for DIY synths? I.e., they should lend
> themselves well to ripping out the keybed/keys without damaging the needed
> parts. I guess you'd always have to build new switches PCBs, as such
> keyboards would have everything (I dont' need) on one PCB, right? (I never
> opened such a thing)
> I am interested in both, quality, and "usable enough to have some fun"
> types for different purposes ;-) And it's not restricted to short keybords
> generally, just right now in particular I'm after a cheap 37..43 key one.
> - Steve
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