[sdiy] STM and TruStudio

Mikko Helin maohelin at gmail.com
Thu Feb 15 20:42:28 CET 2018

I use STMCubeMX with the new TrueStudio STM32. It was very difficult to get
the generated code (by the CubeMX) to compile at all. I had to add many
defines in IDE. I choose to use the LL Api instead of HAL. Using
the arm-none-eabi-size command it says the code for stm32f031f6 which just
polls an input pin and if zero outputs a pulse (to be embedded into a
cooker hood used as air conditioning system, to keep it running 24/7) the
code size is 5560 bytes which is OK (might be I had some unnecessary LL
libs included).

Now, CubeMX can also generate a Makefile project (haven't tried yet to
compile any generated makefiles) so you could get rid of Eclipse. As an IDE
the Visual Studio might be worth trying, see


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> > I've only ever written one Mac Desktop app before, but the ecosystem
> changes a lot/often and the Apple developer program can be a hassle. I
> realize that Mac is HUGE for the music community, but as a PC developer I
> found the whole experience rather painful. The best part of the experience
> was the tabbed folders in Finder.
> It's the Apple Way™, two steps forward, one step back.
> With a virtual machine you can run Windows, Linux, older versions of OS
> X—whatever. I have a couple for emergencies.
> I'm just sayin'. Back to the topic...
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