[sdiy] SSI2164

Neil Johnson neil.johnson71 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 23:17:04 CET 2018

Tom Wiltshire wrote:
>> Neil Johnson wrote:
>> I can confirm that they are drop-in replacements, except in circuits
>> where you rely on the control input resistance being 5k.  And you can
>> drive the SSI with a much stronger signal.
> While that’s all good, there are quite a few circuits that *do* rely on the control input resistance being 5K.
> Still, it’s only mostly only a resistor tweak away from sorted, so not a big deal.
> Are there any *improvements* over the SSM2164/V2164 that would lead me to prefer this new chip over the previous generation?

Several advantages come to mind:
1 - with a higher control port resistance the heating effect is
reduced to a quarter of that with 5k, so Irwin linearised circuits can
avoid the Hearn-style padding resistor on the op-amp output.
2 - you can drive the inputs at 4x what you can do to the SSM/V parts.
3 - built-in missing rail protection - saves a Schottky diode.
4 - distortion performance generally better than the original parts.
5 - other improvements I'm sure...


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