[sdiy] [OT] So what am I looking for in Anti-Static Foam?

MTG grant at musictechnologiesgroup.com
Sat Feb 3 18:25:30 CET 2018

I've never had to buy this before, but my supplies are dwindling.  I'm 
looking for the stuff you push DIP chips into for shipping. Preferably 
about 10mm or 3/8" thick.  And I prefer pink over black because the 
black stuff seems to give off dust as you work with it, but this is not 
a deal breaker. Dimensions are not critical but I will end up cutting it 
into squares of maybe 5" x5" at the largest.

The issue I'm having is that I don't want that super light stuff that's 
all bendy like cloth*. This is not for a static safe pet bed. :-)

I want the stiffer stuff that the chip pins will go into rather than 
bounce off.  Is there a particular material, density or some other name 
I should look for?

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