[sdiy] Patchable polyphonic synth with FM or AM transmission idea

Vladimir Pantelic vladoman at gmail.com
Sat Dec 29 15:21:56 CET 2018

Hedy Lamarr invented Spread Spectrum Technology which you can combine with FDMA 
but not necessarily. FDMA means that you divide your available spectrum / 
bandwidth into multiple "channels" and each participant gets assigned one 
channel to transmit data through.
spread spectrum means that you constantly (randomly) change the actual channel, 
initially in order to prevent somebody else to listen to your communication.

On 29/12/18 09:41, David G Dixon wrote:
>> Analogue FDMA is not a thing.
>> Gordonjcp
>  From Wikipedia:
> "FDMA can be used with both analog and digital signal but it generally used
> with analog signal."
> ???
> Is FDMA related to the thing that Hedy Lamarr invented?
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