[sdiy] Patchable polyphonic synth with FM or AM transmission idea

oren levy orenlevysticky at gmail.com
Sat Dec 29 10:25:24 CET 2018

Most of the possible solutions for passing the multiple channels of audio won’t pass DC. Do you need to route the control voltages or will the same voltage be used for each element in a module? You’d also need some protocol for handling your gates/triggers in a single cable. 

For the audio, you modulate the audio on a frequency, say 200k. You’d modulate all your audio on spaced out frequencies then modulate all those on a much higher frequency; 10s of MHz. On the other end, you’d demodulate twice to get the audio for each channel and pick up your audio again. 
If you do this, you could have the carrier frequencies shared across all the modules to keep everything tight. 
I think that’s how it works? 

Oren Levy

On Dec 28, 2018, at 22:41, David G Dixon <dixon at mail.ubc.ca> wrote:

>> Analogue FDMA is not a thing.
>> Gordonjcp
> From Wikipedia:
> "FDMA can be used with both analog and digital signal but it generally used
> with analog signal."
> ???
> Is FDMA related to the thing that Hedy Lamarr invented?
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