[sdiy] Patchable polyphonic synth with FM or AM transmission idea

john slee indigoid at oldcorollas.org
Sat Dec 29 01:06:42 CET 2018

On Wed, 26 Dec 2018 at 06:52, cheater00 cheater00 <cheater00 at gmail.com>
> Given that metal patch cables could function as antennas and cause
> both cross talk and external signal pick up, one could also use
> multimode glass fiber and transmit signals this way.

Multimode fibre has a lower bound on the cable length. I haven't found a
solid reference
for what that actually is, and I expect it differs across transceiver
parts, but I've found a
LOT of stories of people being unable to get short runs to work and the
solution being
longer fibres. One thread mentioned a Cisco recommendation of 2 metres —
about needing a certain amount of attenuation to avoid damaging the
hardware at the
receive end — which would be irritatingly long even in something the size
of Keith
Emerson's Moog

Also glass fibre patch leads are pretty fragile. If you were filling a 48U
rack with polysynth
modules and were only rarely going to change the patching it might be
feasible, I suppose,
but a traditional "electronics+keys" polysynth format is not going to work
well with fragile
2m patch cables dangling everywhere!

This thread reeks of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XY_problem

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