[sdiy] Patchable polyphonic synth with FM or AM transmission idea

cheater00 cheater00 cheater00 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 25 20:49:17 CET 2018

Hi everyone,
I was thinking again about how you could do a modular polysynth well,
and it occurred to me that you might be able to use frequency domain
multiplexing (FDM) to put several signals over a single conductor
pair. A quick search found the Si4710 which is a bit pricey at ~$12 on
digikey but it's a tiny 3x3mm QFN device that performs complete FM
transmission. In a 16 voice system, at about 5 output functions per
module, and 12 modules, you can easily use up ~1000 of those, which
drops the price to $4. I was wondering what everyone thinks about this
sort of scheme.

Given that metal patch cables could function as antennas and cause
both cross talk and external signal pick up, one could also use
multimode glass fiber and transmit signals this way. The question is,
does anyone know whether support electronics could be found that are
integrated enough (small in footprint) and inexpensive? The idea would
be to build an electronics module that takes 16 analog audio channels
and outputs a signal that can be then converted to glass media

Merry Christmas everyone!

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