[sdiy] height and footprints of pcbmount banana jack, ts jack, and pot

pinoaffe pinoaffe at airmail.cc
Tue Dec 18 16:10:52 CET 2018

Hi everybody,

I'm currently working on a bunch of modules with PCBs parallel to the
front plate.

Does anyone know of any PCB-mount banana jacks that would work in such a
preferably with a rather long screwing thread, to allow for thicker
front plates.

Similarly, I'm looking for long-threaded PCB-mount pots and "eurorack"

Thonkiconns wouldn't work for me, as a 4mm thread is way too little for
the wooden front plates I'm working with,
and I'd prefer not to have to drill shallow holes in the back of the
front plates.

Thanks in advance!

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