[sdiy] Tri-core oscillator sync

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Tue Dec 18 06:44:14 CET 2018

"Hard sync" means that the charging core is prematurely reset by an
external trigger.  It is intended to create a complex waveshape with
altered harmonics.  By altering the frequency of the sync'd VCO above
that of the master VCO, you sweep the harmonics.

"Soft Sync" means the slave VCO is oscillating at the same frequency
of the master VCO.


On 12/17/18, Tim Ressel <timr at circuitabbey.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have made a triangle core oscillator that works really well except for
> the sync. I implemented what I thought would be hard and soft sync but
> the results were disappointing. As I understand it my "hard sync" is
> known as "reversing sync" i.e. a rising edge causes the steering flip
> flop to change state and thus the wave reverses. My "soft sync" changes
> the upper set point on the window comparator.
> I would like the soft sync to sound like the Doepfer A-110-2 oscillator
> soft sync if possible.  Thoughts?
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> --Tim Ressel
> Circuit Abbey
> timr at circuitabbey.com
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