[sdiy] clock pulse to vtrig

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A Yusynth module design sprung to mind: 
Pulse Delay (1mS to 1S) followed by a variable length pulse (again 1mS 
to 1S)
Just drop the delay part if you don't want that.

There'd maybe be other ways, eg. using Mickey Mouse logic -> 
Look at the pulse stretcher - just change the 100k to variable (eg. 4k7 
fixed resistor + 500k Log pot or so would probably be a good start point)
Just watch the polarity / use further inverter stages.

On 17/12/2018 19:03, Joe Frey wrote:
> Hello all, this is a follow-up to an email from 2 weeks ago some may 
> remember. Anyway, I am using a clock out from my EHX 8-step sequencer 
> to trigger my Lyra-8. The Lyra-8 plays for as long as the clock pulse. 
> I want to be able to create a longer and variable pulse using a 
> circuit. I am not interested in tackling programming a 
> microcontroller, yet.
> Can anyone point me in the direction of some circuitry that can do 
> this? Thanks. JoeF.
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