[sdiy] Rene Schmitz VCADSR

Kristian Blåsol kristian.borgstedt at gmail.com
Sun Dec 16 15:24:13 CET 2018


I would like to build Rene Schmitz VCADSR, and have been studying the
schematics. It seems to be a very versatile VCADSR that can be tweaked to
do tons of stuff...

I just wonder if anyone could explain all the switches in the schematics?
In his notes I havent found anything about these. Only all the stuff one
can do with it ;) I havent either seen a front panel of someone who have
built it to see if they have 8 switches on them?

I know Rene is on this mailing list and maybe wants to answer himself :)
Or  if anyone else has done this and could share their notes?

Oh, a link to the schematics maybe :)

Thanks in advance, and Thanks Rene for the very nice VCADSR (at least on
paper so far ;)


Kristian Blåsol
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