[sdiy] circuit to create gate to accompany cv

Dave Brown davebr at modularsynthesis.com
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You use a two stage analog shift register and run the CV through it.  Clock it at a high speed.  Run the two outputs to an exclusive NOR.  If the stages are equal, you have a high which is your gate.  When the CV changes, for one clock cycle they will be unequal and your gate will fall.  Your gate is delayed from your CV, so use the second output of your analog shift register as the CV.


If instead you want a trigger, then use an exclusive OR gate.


If you want to generate a gate from two non-changing notes then you can simply create a trigger from the clock (assuming you have access to the clock) by detecting the appropriate edge.  You can use this as a trigger or invert it to use as a gate.


I would do this simply by programming up a microcontroller and using the on-board A/Ds and logic output.




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Hello list, I have a EHX 8-step sequencer that is great for live stuff(sliders and tap tempo) but it doesn't have a gate out just cv. I want to use it  with my Lyra-8 which needs a gate pulse, too. I am trying to find a circuit that would make a gate pulse to accompany the cv of the EHX . Ideally small enough to fit in a box that could be considered "inline" and battery powered. 

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