[sdiy] circuit to create gate to accompany cv

Matt Hartman mattslunch at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 3 20:29:00 CET 2018

Hello list too.  The EHX 8 step sequencer actually has an open clock out pad if you open it up.  It sends out a square wave at the sequencer rate regardless if its running or not.  I have no trouble triggering modular envelopes with it.  Maybe you can use/condition this signal?

On 12/3/18 9:33 AM, Joe Frey wrote:
Hello list, I have a EHX 8-step sequencer that is great for live stuff(sliders and tap tempo) but it doesn't have a gate out just cv. I want to use it  with my Lyra-8 which needs a gate pulse, too. I am trying to find a circuit that would make a gate pulse to accompany the cv of the EHX . Ideally small enough to fit in a box that could be considered "inline" and battery powered.

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