[sdiy] SMD (was: Re: low input bias current opamps)

Colin Hinz music-lists at primus.ca
Wed Aug 15 20:00:13 CEST 2018

On Wed, 15 Aug 2018, David G Dixon wrote:

>> Is an SMD -> TH adapter an option, Dave?
>> That would save you having to do any SMD layout, but let you get
>> the advantage of the better/newer SMD parts...
> I suppose, if it were something I could buy and just plug in.
> I could even lay one out, I guess.
> However, unlike many of you, I absolutely loathe handling SMD
> parts by hand. I've said again and again, if all electronics
> goes SMD (which I suppose it probably will eventually) then
> that'll be the day I�give up electronics to focus exclusively
> on jazz guitar.

Well, there will always be vacuum-tube amps. It seems unlikely
that there will ever be an SMT version of an octal socket :)

- Colin

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